Tricia is a Colorado native, born in Boulder and raised in Douglas County. Tricia is a graduate of DCHS and Colorado Institute of Art with a degree in Ad Design. She is also a self-taught sculpture working in bronze. She and her husband live south of Castle Rock with their horses, dogs and Black Angus cattle. Tricia is currently working on her PATH Certification to become an instructor for Colorado HorsePower.

Prior to HorsePower she worked for the Jon Marie Centre as a Motor Coach. She coached clients working on neuro-processing skills, which included rhythm, timing, sequencing, and motor planning. She used many cross lateral exercises that help the brains neuro transmitters come to life. She also worked on neurodevelopmental skills such as Visual (processing, memory, discrimination), Auditory (processing, memory, discrimination), Kinesthetic (fine/gross, eye tracking, left/right orientation, spatial orientation, vestibular system and the proprioceptive system).  

In addition, she was the leader of the DC Dally’s Roping 4-H Club for 12 years in Douglas County. The main objective was teaching kid’s horsemanship skills and roping skills on live cattle. Children ranged in age from 8 to 18 years. 

Amy lives in Centennial, CO. She is a native Denverite that has been around horses her entire life spending the early years riding Western and switching to English around age 10 riding and completing as a Hunter/Jumper. She is now learning Dressage and the inter-workings of rider/horse bio-mechanics and how they work together or against each other for desired results. 

She has a BFA in technical theatre as a theatrical carpenter/rigger/welder. In 2011 she split her time between the theatre world and horse world when she joined a therapeutic riding program in Littleton as a volunteer. In 2012 she became an instructor with that program. In 2014 she left the theatre world to focus on therapeutic riding adding to her student roster and becoming the Volunteer Coordinator for that program as well.

 In 2016, she realized her teaching had taken a natural evolution over the years from focusing just on riding skills to a more holistic approach. She was no longer just teaching the basics of riding but was tailoring that riding to help more with the secondary benefits such as decision making, problem solving, confidence, hand eye coordination, balance, and more. This led her to go back to school where she is currently working towards becoming an Occupational Therapist with the end goal of being able to hold both therapeutic riding lessons as well as hippo-therapy lessons depending on the rider's wants/needs. 





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