Colorado HorsePower, Inc.

​Therapeutic Riding Center   Meadowbrook Farms

​Available scholarship(s):

  • ​Thomas Watkins Silver Spurs Scholarship; generously donated in memory of Thomas Watkins by family and friends


Dear Family and Student,  

HorsePower understands the financial responsibilities typically associated with individuals with disabilities, and challenges they place upon families and students. We strive to keep our program costs low and affordable for all. HorsePower realizes there are times when these costs are difficult. We offer a scholarship program to help families and students who need financial support. Scholarships are generously funded by sponsorships, and are available on a limited basis. We do ask families and students to pay as much of the cost as possible.

Scholarship applications will be reviewed by our Board of Directors. Decisions are based on financial need, amount available in the fund, number of families and students applying for scholarships. Families and students are required to continue to pay a portion of the cost; no 100% awards are made. If you have any questions regarding HorsePower’s Student Scholarships, please contact our Board President:

Eligibility Requirements

  • The scholarship will be withdrawn if the student has more than one “no show” or more than two absences with prior notification in any eight-week session
  • If a scholarship is withdrawn, the student will not be eligible for a scholarship for six months
  • HorsePower asks families and students to have investigated other funding resources before applying for a scholarship
  • If you are receiving funding from another source you are not eligible for a scholarship
  • If a family or students ability to increase their portion of payment, they are to notify HorsePower